8 costs you need to include in your moving budget

When budgeting for a move, many people make the mistake of getting a moving quote and leaving it at that. In reality, there are going to be many more moving expenses aside from the cost of the moving company or rental truck. Here are some of the moving costs you should make sure to include in your moving budget.

• Takeout and fast food: You won’t be able to cook until you get your kitchen unpacked. Save money on takeout and fast food by planning some simple meals and by looking for coupons for takeout in the area.
• Hotel: If you will be moving long distance, you may need to stay at a hotel. Research your options and book well in advance to save money.
• Pet expenses: You will want to take your pet to the vet before moving to get up-to-date on shots and vaccinations. You may also need to pay for pet sitting or boarding during the move.
• Utility Deposits and Fees: Depending on your credit history, you may need to put a deposit down in order to turn on utilities. There may also be fees associated with turning on or off utilities.
• Cleaning and Repair Fees: Especially if you are renting, you will need to clean and fix up your old place before moving out. You will probably want to have some items cleaned too, like your rugs and upholstery. In your new place, you may need to pay for cleaning or pest control.
• Refreshments: If you are doing a DIY move, then you will need to provide food and drinks for all the friends helping you. This can be a huge expense, especially if you are relying on takeout.
• Tips for the Movers: Tipping movers isn’t required, but it is expected. Depending on the size of the move, you might want to tip each mover $20 to over $100 each.
• Replacement Items: When moving, you will probably throw out a lot of items rather than pack them, such as spices and food. These small items can rack up to a large expense when you go to replace them. Try not to buy any new food or cleaning items that you can’t use up before the move.

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