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Moving checklist for after you move

Think that all the hard work is done just because you've got your belongings to your new home? Think again! There is still a lot to be done before you can be completely settled in your new home. Check all major items for damages You don’t have to unpack every single box to look for damages, but you should check your valuables, furniture, and major [...]

How to get accurate moving quotes?

Moving can be expensive and you will want to make sure you budget for it properly. This means getting moving quotes from multiple companies so you can pick the right company and services. Unfortunately, many moving companies purposely give unrealistically low moving quotes in hopes of luring you into using their services. Here are some tips to ensure [...]

8 costs you need to include in your moving budget

When budgeting for a move, many people make the mistake of getting a moving quote and leaving it at that. In reality, there are going to be many more moving expenses aside from the cost of the moving company or rental truck. Here are some of the moving costs you should make sure to include in your moving budget. • Takeout and fast food: You won’t [...]

Things you must do to keep your new house safe

Moving is a very stressful time and you probably are busy with things like change of address forms, switching utilities, and packing. But it is crucial that you don’t forget to take certain steps to make sure your new home is safe. Fire protection Make sure your new home has a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors with new batteries. Don't wait [...]

Be prepared for moving-in expenses

So you've budgeted for the moving company, packing supplies, a hotel room for the trip, and everything else needed when moving to a new home. What a lot of people fail to realize is that moving-in expenses can be much higher than you expected. Here are some of the key moving-in expenses to include in your budget. 1. Utility deposits and [...]

How to move house with a pet bird?

Moving isn't just stressful on you. It can also be very stressful for your pet bird. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, follow these steps to make sure your bird stays safe and healthy during the move. Use a carrier You should never try to move your bird it its cage. The cage could become damaged during the jostling of the move, which [...]

Office Relocation Tips

Your guide to successful commercial moves In today's difficult economy, many businesses are looking toward office relocation as part of an effective strategy to reducing overhead costs and getting more bang for the buck. As more and more companies shift away from large offices into co-working spaces and shifting responsibilities to professionals that work [...]

Never break another glass!

Want to learn how to keep your fragile items safe during your move? Read on… We’ve all experienced the dismay of opening a box only to find that some or all of your valuables have been broken. While sometimes a crack in the china is the result of a box being dropped or poorly handled, more often than not, damage is the result of improperly packing [...]

Summer is Coming!

How early should I plan my move? Now! Summer in Houston can be a wonderful time of year but as leases end, work contracts expire and schools let out, summer is the most popular season for Houston moves. As temperatures rise and vacation plans arise, so do the prices for moving services and the number of people clamoring last minute for a moving truck. [...]
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