How to get accurate moving quotes?

Moving can be expensive and you will want to make sure you budget for it properly. This means getting moving quotes from multiple companies so you can pick the right company and services. Unfortunately, many moving companies purposely give unrealistically low moving quotes in hopes of luring you into using their services. Here are some tips to ensure you are getting accurate moving quotes.

Request an in-house moving quote

Most moving companies will give you a ballpark moving quote online or via phone. These quotes are just general ideas and you should not take them too seriously. To get a real moving quote, a moving agent will have to visit your home and see how much stuff you have to move and whether you have any special needs, like large items or lots of stairs to navigate.

Get it in writing

A moving estimate is virtually worthless unless you get it in writing. Reputable moving companies will provide you with a written estimate after visiting your home. The estimates are usually valid for about 30 days. Remember that written moving estimates are NOT contracts! You are not obligated to use their services and they can cancel on you. The bill of lading is the actual contract and should be presented when the movers come to your home on moving day. A copy of the initial estimate should be attached to the bill of lading and the terms in the estimate should be the same as in the bill of lading.

Don’t try to hide things from the moving agent

If you try to hide items from the moving agent in order to get a lower quote, you will just hurt yourself. Virtually all moving services are on a per-pound basis (for long distance moves) or an hourly basis (for local moves). You won’t find movers offering flat-rate services precisely because clients often try to sneak items in at the last moment. By showing the moving agent everything you need moved, you will get a more accurate quote.

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