Our Mission

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about the safety of your things in the process. Here at Houston Moving Stars our mission is to give you the best possible moving service in the Houston area, along with the best price possible. We guarantee to get the job done for you without compromising the safety of your belongings, because here at Houston Moving Stars we know we’re not just moving your possessions; we’re moving your life.

Houston Moving Stars is not a large commercial moving company, which means that we give our customers the individualized attention they need to feel comfortable in their moving process. Every step of the way you will find that our staff is more than willing to provide free quotes and answer the important questions you may have about our moving services. We will listen to your specific moving situation and break down your options for you, all to assist you in making the best possible decision about what moving service to choose.

Don’t get lost in a sea of other customers by choosing a larger moving company that may not have your best interest in mind. Choose right by choosing Houston Moving Stars.

Our services include:

Free of charge estimates
Prompt replies
On call staff to answer any questions
Highly trained moving staff
Long distance moves
Local moves
Last minute moves
Long Distance Moving:
Houston Moving Stars is happy to assist you in your long distance move across the country. We have locations all throughout the U.S. so you will know that you are taken care of, no matter where your final destination might be!

Full Service Moving:
If you are looking for a great, hassle free full service move then Houston Moving Stars is the best option for you! We will take care of it all, from boxing your belongings up, to moving them onto our smooth riding trucks.

Furniture Moving:
Our top notch moving equipment guarantees to get all your big furniture onto our trucks and into your next home with ease. Need your piano moved out of your home and into your new third story apartment? We got you covered. Need your grandmother’s antique curio transported? We can handle it!

Houston Moving Stars will never keep you guessing on how much money you’re going to be spending. Our pricing is simple: we charge a flat hourly rate that varies on how big the job is. A bigger job requires more of our experienced moving staff, so that’s the difference in the hourly rate!
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