The first things to do after learning you are going to move to a new city

The job transfer just came through and you’ve just learned that you are moving to a new city. It is exciting – but it can also be overwhelming. Where you are possible supposed to begin? Follow these steps and you will be on the right track for a successful move.

Take stock of your belongings

Take a really good look at all of the stuff you own. Are you a pack rat who keeps every scrap of paper? Or maybe you are a minimalist who only has the bare necessities? Or maybe you enjoy luxury and have a lot of high-end, breakable items. In any case, you are going to need to come up with a plan for getting all of those items packed up and moved. Go through every single room of your home and create a general inventory. This inventory will help you determine things like how much stuff you should get rid of, whether you can do the move yourself or whether you need professional movers, and if you need any special moving services (such as for heavy or fragile items).

If renting notify your landlord

In most cases, you are required to tell your landlord in writing of your intent to move (Letter of Notice). Get out your lease agreement and see what time period is specified and any other conditions about moving out. If you don’t follow the terms of the lease exactly, you could get stuck paying for an extra month’s rent. You will also want to get your apartment in good condition – such as fixing any major holes or damages you caused – so you can get your security deposit back.

Research moving services and schedule estimates

Even if you think you are going to do the move yourself, it is still good to look into professional moving services, schedule in home estimates with a few companies. They will send someone over to look at all your belongings and give you a price quote. Moving services are expensive, but you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t that much costlier than renting a truck and trying to do everything by yourself.

Start purging

Chances are that you have way more stuff than you possibly need. Don’t lug this stuff with you to your new home! Use the move as an opportunity to get rid of all that clutter and start your new life fresh. Purging your belongings actually takes a long time, so you should start it immediately after you learn you are going to move.

Pack items you don’t use often

You’d be surprised at how much energy and time packing for a move takes. Don’t wait for the last minute. As you go through your items and purge things you don’t need, start packing up items that you don’t use often, like seasonal clothes and holiday decorations.

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